About Us

I can just about remember my first camera. A long narrow rectangle that today would easily be mistaken for a power bank. I remember my father giving it to me as a child. Little did I know then that it would turn into a life long pursuit. I’ve always been surrounded by photographs for as long as I remember. My mother has an album full of family members portraits taken at old Cypriot studios. I would sit for hours looking over them (and sometimes I still do). Family members looking like actresses and actors just off a shoot. The done thing in the middle part of the last century.

I studied Art and Design and whilst at university studying for a design degree back in 2002, I decided to take a long my camera loaded up with 35mm sepia film to a friends wedding. At the time I was just exploring but I decided to give my friend the prints as a wedding gift. She was thrilled. In fact she told me that she was more happier with the shots I had taken then the ones the paid photographer had taken. This was the beginning. I had to choose a name for my new venture. I decided the name would consist of my name Sophia in Greek and graphia from the Greek photographia or photography, and so Sographia was born.

I love to capture peoples personalities. I believe that a photograph should tell you something about the person. My mission is to take photographs that years later when your children look at your wedding photos they will be authentic to you, instantly recognising you in that photo because you were being you on that day and the photographer wasn’t making you be someone else. I do not want to turn every couple into the same posed image, that would be hugely disappointing to me. Throughout the day my goal is for you not to notice that I’m there. In this way I can capture all the special moments as they happen without interrupting them. Those moments should be immortalised, they should be timeless