An Autumn Wedding

The memory she will cherish for her whole life. As the day flew by so very fast the colours, tastes, smells, were a whirlwind. Of all those senses, the one she remembered the most was the colours. Such beautiful colours. Deep reds, marigolds, coppers, terracottas, golden browns, rusts, chocolates speckled amongst deep forest greens, evergreens, limes and olive coloured leaves, all in one location. The venue was spectacular. She couldn't have imagined a more beautiful setting. Autumn was the perfect choice.

She had stayed at West Lodge Park her beautiful traditional room had from the very morning set the tone of the colours to come and the excitement that would stay throughout her special day. As she prepared herself in her rose and gold coloured traditional free standing bath suite the photographer busied herself taking photos. She looked at herself in the mirror completely unaware of what was happening around her. She closed her eyes, the day is finally here.

Before setting out they took photographs by the four poster bed. She felt so excited, so ecstatic, so special. She was joined by her love. They did not believe in superstition. Seeing her love before the vows only made her more excited for the day to proceed. They walked around the gardens posing and taking photographs that captured their feelings for each other. Full of love and eagerness of their next chapter in life together. The colours were spectacular. The Arboretum was full of vivid colours, earthen smells and textures. So many beautiful areas to enjoy.


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